How Long Can Breast Implants Last And When To Replace Them?

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The lifespan of Breast Implants

With the advent of breast implants, the cosmetic world has witnessed a revolution. Bygone are the days when small or misshapen breasts used to ignite personality issues for women. Now, thousands of women undergo breast augmentation in Dubai via implants every year to improve their personality aesthetically. It not only gives fuller breasts but also achieves breast symmetry through an effective invasive procedure.

Types Of Implants

Breast implants are a medical prosthesis, which is placed in the breasts to augment and reconstruct them. Implants are of two types:

  • Saline implants
  • Silicone gel-filled implants.

Both the implants produce effective results and upgrade the overall personality.

What more important to think over here is, that how long do these implants last?

Although the breast implants are created to be safe and long-lasting, it does not mean that they are the lifetime devices. A candidate should expect them to last more than a decade.

The women who undergo breast implant surgery should keep visiting their physicians for regular checkups to ensure that the devices are still intact. Although rarely, but the women who have implants for a very long time are more likely to fall prey to a peculiar disorder called Breast Implant Illness which ignites unusual bacterial activity and causes mental confusion, joint pain, hair loss, dry eyes, and chronic fatigue. It is crucial to get them replaced instead of waiting for them to get ruptured.

Signs That You Need to Remove or Replace Your Breast Implants

There are certain signs or complications which entails the removal or the replacement of the implants.

Capsule Contracture

It happens when scar tissues are formed around breast implants and eventually hardens. It also causes tightness, tenderness, pain and various other cosmetic changes in the breasts. Scarcely, hardening may happen more than once to the same breast.

  • Leakage & Deflation

If saline breast implant ruptures owing to a hole in the implant’s shell, it will deflate like a balloon. The saline can leak out and reabsorb by the body. It can happen at once or rapidly with time. This rupture is not obvious, and the affected breast loses its shape and size and asymmetry is formed.

  • Silent Rupture

Silicone implants can also rupture, and their rupture is not easy to detect than that of saline implant rupture. Silicone gel is thicker and stays in the implant even if it gets ruptured, and since it goes unnoticed, it is known as a silent rupture. The symptoms of silent rupture include numbness in the affected area, decreased breast size, swelling,
burning, or chronic pain in the breast.

  • Position Change

Breast implants Dubai are not going to stop your breasts from drooping. Daily life stress, drastic weight fluctuations can also cause stretching of the breasts. Your breasts change their symmetrical position and begin to deform. However, this might serve as the reason for you to go for an implant replacement.

  • Rippling

It happens when the implant develops wrinkles or ripples. And these changes can be sensed by touching or analyzing the breast skin. It can require a candidate to go for an implant replacement or removal.


So, the longevity of the breast implant is never assured by any plastic surgeon in Dubai, and if you want to get the best outcome, you should get them examined regularly by your physician. For more information on breast implants, book a FREE consultation at Aesthetics by King’s College Hospital Dubai using the contact form given.