What Are The Two Major Types Of Aesthetic Lip Procedures?

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LIp augmentation procedure

We all crave for beautiful lips. The term beautiful lips is highly subjective and perceptual. Appropriate lips enhance your facial appearance aesthetically and also project a glamorous image of your overall personality. Lips are one of the most sensual parts of your face, and their perfect symmetrical appearance maintains up your uniqueness.

However, the size of the lips vary from person to person and so as the preferences. People with thinner lips also look for solutions to make them large and vice versa. In the old times, there were plenty of creams available to achieve the desired results, but unfortunately, their productivity was never ensured. Nowadays, cosmetic procedures give you ample chance to opt for your desired lip surgery.

Types Of Lip Procedures

Lip procedures are of two main types;

  • Lip Augmentation
  • Lip Reduction.

Let us see what both the treatments offer and how they contribute to transforming your lips.

1.      Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation surgery in Dubai is also referred to as lip enhancement or lip enlargement. It is a non-surgical way of getting your lips fuller and plumper. Its purpose is to reshape and resize your thin lips by adding appropriate volume to them.

The Procedure

Well, different types of lip augmentation procedures are used for enlarging lips. Each technique depends upon the goals and preferences of the candidate. However, the techniques include;

a)      Dermal Fillers

In this non-surgical procedure, the fillers containing organic solutions of hyaluronic acid are injected on the target lips. These solutions enhance the lip tissues and muscles, and therefore lips get comparatively a greater volume.

  • The procedure is performed in an outpatient setting.
  • It takes about a few minutes to get completed.
  • It uses a numbing cream before administering the injections.
  • It requires less downtime, and the candidate does not have to wait for weeks to get covered.
  • It has fewer risks associated with the procedure, which should be discussed with the surgeon before the procedure take place.
  • It produces highly natural results, which are long-lasting.
  • It gives immediate results.

b)     Botox

Botox is a cosmetic form of Botulinum toxin, a chemical that can temporarily weaken or paralyze the muscles. One round of injections can cause your muscles to relax for a substantial amount of time. However, Botox lip flip is a procedure done to make your lips appear larger with Botox injections.

  • It is performed on an outpatient basis.
  • It takes about twenty minutes to get completed.
  • It requires minimal downtime, and necessary guidelines should be followed for a quicker recovery process.
  • There are fewer risks associated with Botox treatment in Dubai.
  • It yields incredibly natural results, which last for a longer time.
  • It produces immediate results.

c)      Fat Grafting

In Fat Grafting, a substantial volume is added to the lips by using fat collected from another area of the body. In the procedure, the fat-enriched areas are identified. Liposuction is performed, and the excess fat is extracted out by using a cannula and a suction pump. Furthermore, the fats are purified in a special apparatus, and then the liquefied fatty solutions are injected in the lips.

  • The procedure takes about an hour to get completed.
  • It is a less invasive procedure.
  • The procedure requires local anesthesia.
  • It can be performed in an Inpatient or an Outpatient setting.
  • Certain risks are associated, and less downtime is required.
  • Results are yielded as soon as the swelling subsides.
  • It gives permanent results.

2.      Lip Reduction

Lip Reduction in Dubai is a cosmetic procedure which is done to reduce the size of the lips. It is done for the people who are not happy with their unreasonably large lips. Its purpose is to naturally enhance the aesthetic appearance of the lips by reducing the size.

The Procedure

During the lip reduction treatment, the surgeon makes an incision along the horizontal line in the pink inner part of the lip, which reduces the probability of scarring. The excess fats and tissues from the target area are removed, and the skin is sutured back together. The procedure can be performed on both lips in one session, or the patient can choose to have them done on separate occasions.

  • It is performed in an outpatient setting in a doctor’s clinic.
  • It takes about an hour to get completed.
  • It is performed by using local anaesthesia.
  • It is a less invasive procedure.
  • It requires less downtime and the candidate recovers in about a week.
  • Fewer risks are associated with it.
  • Results are visible after three months of the surgery.

Many cosmetic surgery clinics in Dubai are offering surgical and non-surgical services. However, Aesthetics by King’s College Hospital Dubai ensures patient’s safety and care. Book a free consultation for your lip procedure with our board-certified and British-trained plastic surgeons in Dubai.