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Clitoral Hood Reduction – Clitoral Hoodectomy

Genetics, testosterone, and oestrogen can significantly change the way the clitoris and the clitoral areas appear. Some of the significant changes include excess skin on both sides of the clitoris, making it look larger or asymmetrical. In such cases, a surgical procedure known as clitoral hood reduction, or Clitoral Hoodectomy, is required to get rid of all the excess skin and tissue.

The goal of the procedure is to improve the aesthetic appearance of the clitoris by getting rid of the extra folds of skin on it. Just to note, during the procedure, the nerves of the clitoris are never touched, nor is the clitoris itself mutilated.

Some of the causes of a hooded clitoris are:

  • Genetics
  • Aging
  • Hormonal changes
  • Or Congenital problems among others

Are you a Candidate for Clitoral Hood Reduction?

For you to be considered a good candidate for a clitoral Hoodectomy, you must fit a certain criterion. This includes:

  • Being unhappy with the look of your clitoris
  • Asymmetry of the clitoris
  • Having realistic expectations
  • Excess skin on the clitoris
  • Being in overall good physical and mental health
  • Decreased stimulation on the clitoris
  • Not having any genital diseases
  • Reduced ability to orgasm due to the excess skin

What to Expect After Clitoral Hood Reduction Surgery?

Clitoral hood reduction is done under local anesthesia and can last for up to two hours depending on the amount of skin to be excised. After the procedure, you can expect:

  • Immediately after the procedure, the patient will have some discomfort, some degree of redness, and swelling on the area. This will persist for 5-7 days after which it will begin to subsidize.
  • Although clitoral hood reduction is a surgical procedure, you don’t need to stay overnight. You can go home immediately after the surgery.

Why you should consider Clitoral Hood Reduction at Aesthetics by King’s

  • Our Aesthetic Gynaecologists are the best in their field and have ample experience in Cosmetic Gynaecology.
  • At Aesthetics by King’s College Hospital, we have state-of-the-art facilities, and use the latest and minimally invasive techniques to achieve faster healing with the best results.
  • At King’s College Hospital London, we focus on patient care, and safety in a compassionate environment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Clitoral Hood Reduction in Dubai

How many clitoral Hoodectomy sessions will you need?

Only one session is required. On the other hand, most women combine clitoral Hoodectomy with labiaplasty for optimal results.

When will the results be visible after the Clitoral Hood Reduction procedure?

The results can be visible almost immediately, but the possible discomfort and swelling might obscure the real results. It can take up to 10 days to see some results. The final results are only visible after the area has completely heals. Results vary from patient to patient.

What is the cost of Clitoral Hood Reduction in Dubai?

The cost of a Hoodectomy in Dubai is determined after a consultation with our board-certified aesthetic gynaecologist, which will depend on the amount of excess skin to be excised, and if you’ll be combining the procedure with another, like labiaplasty.




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