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A butt lift can be either surgical or non-surgical depending on your concerns and aesthetic goals. The non-surgical option, which is done with hyaluronic-based dermal fillers, is for those who are not yet ready to have a surgical procedure or do not have enough time to deal with the recovery time of the surgical butt lift. The non-surgical butt lift with FDA approved injectable fillers helps in restoring volume and gives the gluteal muscles a lift with immediate results.


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At Kingโ€™s College Hospital, we use FDA approved Hyacorp body fillers, which is a body shaping injectable as well as an antiaging treatment that is prepared from crosslinked hyaluronic acid. It is BSE free and of non-animal origin. Hyacorp procedures are minimally invasive with minimal downtime. Apart from contouring various areas of the body such as buttocks, Hyacorp is also used to restore lost volume in the face resulting in a younger looking appearance.

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