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Autologous Fat Transfer (AFT) Breast Augmentation is a cosmetic surgical procedure that aims at transferring a large volume of fat from one area of the body to the breasts. The major purpose of going through an AFT breast augmentation in Dubai is to improve the shape and volume of small and disproportionate breasts.

AFT breast augmentation in Dubai

The Need for AFT Breast Augmentation

One might have small breasts because of the following reasons;

  • Aging.
  • Genetics.
  • Physical trauma on breasts.
  • Botched surgery.
  • Hormonal imbalance.

AFT Breast Augmentation can be performed on either one or both breasts. The small and disproportionate breasts can cause one to have low self-esteem. The major goal of the procedure is to enhance the size of the breasts aesthetically by adding fat from different parts of the body to achieve symmetry.

How to Choose the Right AFT Breast Augmentation Surgeon

Having a successful AFT Breast Augmentation procedure depends on choosing the right surgeon who is an expert in body contouring procedures. A good plastic surgeon should not only be experienced but should be board-certified as well. Other characteristics of a good plastic surgeon include:

  • He should be able to show you photos of previous AFT Breast Augmentation
  • He should have good reviews from previous patients.
  • He should have a keen artistic eye.
  • His focus should be on the safety and care of the patient.
  • He should have an appreciation of natural aesthetically appealing breasts.

Note that the AFT breast augmentation procedure is performed by professional plastic surgeons and not by medical aestheticians.

Pre-Operation Guidelines

After selecting the right surgeon for your AFT breast augmentation procedure, the next step is having a detailed consultation. During this session, you and your plastic surgeon will discuss why you need the surgery, and what you hope to achieve. You will also discuss the process of the procedure, the cost, and everything that will be involved until your recovery period.

Right before the procedure, the plastic surgeon will check your medical history as well as what medications you are taking if any. He will also physically examine your breasts, and take photos so that you can see the difference after the surgery.

Before the AFT breast augmentation procedure or any other procedure, whether surgical or non-surgical, it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you are a smoker, you should stop before the procedure. If you are taking any blood-thinning medication like aspirin, you are advised to stop to avoid excess bleeding during the procedure. Alcohol consumption should also be halted as well as any herbal supplements.

The Surgery

AFT breast augmentation surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and lasts for two hours. The procedure is carried out under General Anesthesia.

During the procedure, the fat-enriched areas are first identified. Your surgeon is going to make small incisions on the donor areas, and they mostly include thighs and hips. The extra fat is extracted out through liposuction using a cannula and a suction pump. The withdrawn fat is then filtered, and all the impurities, including the blood and other harmful fluids, are removed. Afterward, the incisions are closed with sutures. The pure fatty liquid gets ready for implantation and is injected into the breast tissue and under the skin of the breast. The fat is massaged and molded to produce a uniform breast enlargement.

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Alternative Treatment

Breast augmentation through implant can be used to enlarge the breasts, but it carries relatively more risks than this AFT breast augmentation procedure.

The Recovery

AFT breast augmentation recovery takes almost three weeks. After the procedure, you will have soreness on your breast and gets settled down through medication. You will have bruising and swelling on the incisions because of liposuction, and will subside within six to seven days. You might have drainage pipes attached to your donor sites through the incisions.

Over the next 7 – 10 days, the patient will have follow-up appointments with the plastic surgeon to keep track of the healing process.

It is important to follow any guidelines or instructions given by the plastic surgeon for faster healing and to avoid AFT breast augmentation risks.

Post-Operation Guidelines

You should take all the medicines prescribed by the surgeon regularly. You should use ice packs and compresses to minimize swelling and discomfort. You will be guided not to sleep on your stomach for at least four weeks. You should use sports and surgical bras after the surgery for support and avoid wearing constrictive bras. You should avoid all the strenuous activities for at least one to two weeks. You should also wear a compression garment to heal the bruises and swelling caused by liposuction. You might feel numbness in your breast, but this will vanish after a week.

Possible Risks & Complications

Like any other surgery, fat transfer to breast also has some risks associated with it. It is very important to discuss these risks with your surgeon before the surgery. However, these risks include;

  • Infection – The wounds may get infected for one reason or another, but antibiotics will be prescribed to counter this.
  • Bruising & Swelling – Bruises and swelling are inevitable after the surgery, but they are temporary.
  • Skin Sensation Alterations – You might feel numbness in your breast as a whole or around your nipples. This is temporary and will disappear in no time.
  • Body Shape Irregularities – Sometimes, the surgeon might overcorrect the breasts, which leads to irregularity due to an unequal distribution of fat, leading to asymmetry in the breasts.
  • Allergies—it happens scarcely, but your skin might be allergic to tape, solutions, or any subscribed medications.

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Ideal Candidate for AFT Breast Augmentation

You can be an ideal candidate for AFT breast augmentation if;

  • Your breasts are not in proper shape.
  • Your breasts are small.
  • Your breasts are asymmetrical.
  • You have fat deposits in your body.
  • You have elastic skin.
  • You are over 18.
  • You do not smoke.
  • You are physically and mentally healthy.


The results are visible as soon as the swelling vanishes, and this takes about a month, and six months for the fat to settle. Your breasts might sag or change shape as you age, but the results of AFT breast augmentation are long-lasting.

Benefits for AFT Breast Augmentation

Besides enhancing the size of your breasts, AFT breast augmentation in Dubai also yields the following benefits;

  • It enhances your breasts aesthetically.
  • It improves breast symmetry.
  • It contours the body through liposuction during fat extraction.
  • It is considered a more natural alternative to breast implants.
  • It is minimally an invasive technique.
  • It causes minimal scarring.
  • It yields long-lasting
  • No implants are required.
  • It boosts your self-esteem.

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At Aesthetics by Kings College Hospital Dubai, we have some of the leading AFT breast augmentation surgeons in the region. Our plastic surgeons are board-certified and focus on the safety and care of every patient in a compassionate environment with state-of-the-art facilities. To book a consultation, get in touch using the contact details given, and one of our patient-care staff will book an appointment for you.

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