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For anyone looking for alternative ways to lose excess weight, one of the most popular options is the Bariatric surgery in Dubai. After the patient achieves their weight goal, they might be left with loose skin on different parts of the body. This is when Bariatric surgery, also known as post-weight loss surgery Dubai comes in. The main goal of the procedure is to get rid of any loose or sagging skin, in addition to toning and sculpting the body.

Post Bariatric Surgery dubai

The Need for Post Bariatric Surgery

Post-Bariatric Surgery treatment in Dubai aims at losing one’s weight at an excessive amount, which results in the drooping and sagging body afterward. This might lead one to have low self-esteem and self-confidence. The major goal of undergoing a post-bariatric surgery in Dubai is not only to bring your body in shape aesthetically but also to give well-defined contours to the different parts of your body by achieving body symmetry.

How to Choose the Surgeon for Post Bariatric Surgery

A very important step is to choose the right surgeon for your post bariatric surgery. The surgeon you are going to choose must be one of the board-certified post-bariatric surgeons in Dubai. He should be an expert and should have ample experience in post weight loss and body lifting procedures. Other characteristics of a good plastic surgeon include;

  • He should have good reviews of his previous surgeries from the former candidates.
  • He should be able to demonstrate his previous work through photographs.
  • He should have a keen artistic eye.
  • He prioritizes the candidate’s safety and care.
  • He should have a good aesthetic sense of appreciating a well-toned body.

Pre-Operation Guidelines

After you have selected the right surgeon for your surgery, in the next step, you are going to have a detailed consultation. In the session, you and your surgeon are going to discuss the possible outcomes and core conditions of the surgery. You should also discuss your expectations with the procedure and the reason behind it. You should discuss the whole process, including its cost and every important step involved. There is a lot of variability in post-bariatric surgery cost in Dubai and other regions.

After the consultation, your surgeon is going to examine your medical history; he is also going to check that whether you are or have had been on any medications of any sort. He is also going to take reports of your bariatric surgery and will scrutinize it. He is then going to examine your sagging body and the areas to be treated, in detail. He will also take photographs to compare the result after the surgery.

Before the post-bariatric surgery, you should have a healthy lifestyle. You should follow a proper diet plan and exercise regularly. You should take the recommended medications properly. You should stop smoking six weeks before the surgery. You should discontinue alcohol consumption and also avoid taking drugs that include aspirin. Use of Anti-inflammatory drugs should also be halted. You should not drink or eat anything six to eight hours before the surgery.

The Surgery

Post-Bariatric Surgery skin removal in Dubai takes place in an Outpatient setting and is carried out under General Anesthesia.

The time duration of the cosmetic procedure depends upon the nature of the surgery chosen and as well as on the extent of the chosen procedure. Post-Bariatric Surgery includes;

  • Upper Body Lift.
  • Lower Body Lift.


  • Upper Body Lift

This procedure is used to correct the skin laxity in the upper body, which includes, arms, breast, tummy, back, neck, and face. The techniques that can be used in the upper body lift are as follows;

  • Arm lift— The surgeon makes a cut on the inner surface of the upper arm from the armpit to the elbow. The extra skin is withdrawn, and the lower muscles are tightened and stitched together.
  • Breast lift— The surgeon makes an incision around the areola of the nipple and makes a vertical incision that extends from the areola to the lower crease of the breast and sometimes a horizontal incision is also necessary. Extra skin is removed through various techniques. A breast implant can be included during the procedure to enhance the size and shape of the breast aesthetically.
  • Facelift— In this procedure, incisions are made in front of ears on either side of the face. These incisions extend along the hairline, right in front or maybe the back of cartilage and around the earlobe (at the back of it), into the crease behind the ear and then into the lower side of the scalp. The extra skin is removed, and the remaining skin is repositioned.
  • Tummy tuck— It involves an incision along the bikini line that extends the hip to hip around the belly button, and the remaining skin is pulled down over the stomach.
  • Liposuction— This process includes insertion of the cannula at a certain point which moves back and forth and extracts all the fat through a suction pump with the tightening of the extra sagging skin.


  • Lower Body Lift

 In this procedure, excess skin is withdrawn from the thighs, abdomen, buttock, and outer thighs. The surgeon may make an incision that circles the body at hips. This procedure can also improve irregular skin surface, known as cellulite. In some cases, the lower body lift can be performed during a single operation or in some other cases, two or more operation can be scheduled. It includes;

  • Buttock lift – In this procedure, the surgeon cuts across the top of the buttock or sometimes along the sides as well. Skin and fat are removed in crescent-shaped fragments, and the skin is pulled and stitched together.
  • Thigh lift – The surgeon makes an incision in the groin that extends to the knee through the inner leg. Extra skin and fat are removed; sometimes surgeon extends the cut to the outer hip to improve the shape of the outer thigh.
  • Waist Sculpting – The surgeon makes incisions of about 2-4 mm around the waist. A cannula is inserted to extract the fat out through a suction pump or a liquefied fat from any other part of the body is implanted in the waist to give it well-defined contouring.
  • Liposuction – This process includes insertion of the cannula at a certain point which moves back and forth and extracts all the fat through a suction pump and hence the extra skin is tightened.

The type of body lift and its technique is performed by keeping in view the condition and the preferences of the candidate. These techniques can be performed at once or in different episodes depending upon the surgeon.

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The Recovery

The time required for the recovery process of the post-bariatric surgery procedure varies from person to person and the nature or the number of techniques performed. You will have swelling and bruising after the surgery, which is quite common to have and however, it will settle down in a couple of weeks. You will have discomfort after the surgery at the incision sites but will vanish in five days. Anti-biotic will be given to reduce the risk of infection. You will be allowed to start a mild walk after a week of the surgery.

In the case of liposuction, you will have drainage tubes attached through your incisions, which will increase your pain and discomfort. Stitches and dressings are removed after a different period of time depending upon the nature and the number of surgeries. Over the next 7 – 10 days, the patient will have follow-up appointments with the plastic surgeon to keep track of the healing process.

It is important to follow any guidelines or instructions given by the plastic surgeon for faster healing and to avoid complications or risks.

Post-Operation Guidelines

Take the medicines prescribed by your doctor regularly. You should use ice packs and compresses to reduce swelling and discomfort. You shall be recommended a compression garment in some cases. You should not take a bath in some cases to avoid infection on the incisions and bruising sites. You should avoid strenuous activities or any activity that exerts pressure on your sutures for a week. You will be guided about sleeping techniques and various exercise patterns for a speedy recovery, which you should follow. You should take off from your work for a week take rest as much as you can.

Risks & Complications

Like any other surgery, certain potential risks are associated with post-bariatric surgery in Dubai as well. It is important to discuss these risks with your surgeon before the surgery is conducted. However, the possible risks include;

  • Bleeding – Although excess bleeding is rare but possible, you might require a blood transfusion or an extra surgery to treat this particular issue.
  • Scarring – There will be scars after the surgery. They can get fade with time but are more likely to persist.
  • Bruising & Swelling— Bruises and swelling are inevitable to get after the surgery, but they are temporary and can be cured easily.
  • Allergies—it happens scarcely, but your skin might be allergic to tape, solutions, or any other relevant medications. However, in this case, you might undergo an extra treatment to treat allergic reactions.

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Ideal Candidate for Post Bariatric Surgery

You might be the ideal candidate for the procedure if;

  • You have undergone bariatric surgery or a weight loss
  • You have sagging skin on your body.
  • Your body does not have proper contouring.
  • Your body is not symmetrical.
  • You have a stable weight.
  • You are over 18.
  • You do not smoke.
  • You are physically healthy.


The results start to get visible after the swelling settles down, and it takes about several months. The results of the post-bariatric procedure are long-lasting if you maintain a stable weight and follow a proper diet plan.

Benefits of Post Bariatric Surgery

Although the major advantage of going through a post-bariatric surgery in Dubai is the elimination of sagging skin, however, there are certain other aesthetic and psychological benefits yielded by the procedure. These benefits include;

  • Your skin gets tightened.
  • Your body gets well-defined contouring.
  • It enhances your overall figure aesthetically.
  • Your body symmetry is achieved.
  • It boosts your self-esteem.
  • It promotes your self-acceptance and cultural acceptance.
  • It yields permanent results.

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