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With aging comes the loss of volume from different areas of the body, including the labia majora, which is the most prominent part of a woman’s vulva. Just like the face, or other areas of the body, this loss of volume, which is mostly fat, can be replaced through an aesthetic procedure known as labia majora augmentation. These outer lips of the vulva can be enlarged or augmented with either autologous fat transfer or hyaluronic-based dermal fillers. The procedure is done by an experiences, and European trained board-certified Aesthetic Gynaecologist.

Are you a Candidate for Labia Majora Augmentation?

For you to be considered a good candidate for a labia augmentation, you must fit a certain criterion. This includes:

  • Having significant loss of volume in the labia majora
  • Asymmetry of the labia majora
  • Having realistic expectations
  • Being in overall good physical and mental health

What to Expect After Labia Majora Augmentation

  • Immediately after the procedure, the patient will have some mild discomfort, some degree of redness, and swelling on the area. This should subside after 24 hours.
  • Since labia majora augmentation with fillers is a minimally invasive procedure, you can go back to your activities immediately after the procedure. If it’s been done with fat transfer, the downtime can last up to 48 hours.

Why you should consider Labia Majora Augmentation at Aesthetics by King’s

  • Our Aesthetic Gynaecologists are the best in their field and have ample experience in Cosmetic Gynaecology.
  • At Aesthetics by King’s College Hospital, we have state-of-the-art facilities, and use the latest and minimally invasive techniques to achieve faster healing with the best results.
  • At King’s College Hospital London, we focus on patient care, and safety in a compassionate environment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Labia Majora Augmentation in Dubai

How many labia majora augmentation sessions will you need?

It will depend on the technique used, whether it’s dermal fillers or fat transfer. If it’s dermal fillers, then you may need a top-up session after 12 months or more, depending on the consistency of the filler. Fat transfer on the other hand lasts longer, and it can be permanent with occasional top ups.

When will the results be visible after the labia majora augmentation procedure?

The results can be visible almost immediately, but the possible discomfort and swelling might obscure the real results. It can take 7 to 10 days to see the actual results.

What is the cost of labia majora augmentation in Dubai?

The cost of labia majora augmentation is determined after a consultation with our board-certified aesthetic gynaecologist, which will depend on the technique used, as well as the amount of the dermal fillers used.



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