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Lip Fillers

Lip fillers, which is also referred to as lip enlargement, enhancement or lip augmentation in Dubai is a cosmetic procedure that can give you fuller and plumper lips non-surgically. The main purpose of lip augmentation Dubai is to improve the appearance of your lips by adding substantial volume to them.

The Need for Lip Fillers in Dubai

One can have smaller lips because of the following reasons;

  • Physical trauma on the lips.
  • Exposure to sun rays.
  • A botched lip reduction surgery.

Individuals having low self-esteem and poor self-image because of smaller and unappealing lips can opt for lip augmentation in Dubai. The major goal of the non-invasive procedure is to reshape and resize your lips by adding appropriate volume to them. It also achieves lip symmetry.

How to Choose the Right Lip Filler Clinic Dubai

Having a successful lip filler procedure depends on choosing the right doctor, who is an expert in lip enhancement treatments. A good plastic surgeon should not only be experienced but should be board-certified as well. Other characteristics of a good plastic surgeon include:

  • He should be able to show you photos of previous lip augmentation procedures.
  • He should have good reviews from previous patients.
  • He should have a keen artistic eye.
  • His focus should be on the safety and care of the patient.
  • He should have an appreciation of natural aesthetically appealing lips.

Note that a lip enlargement procedure is not done by a medical aesthetician, but by a qualified plastic surgeon. Therefore, choose a clinic that provides the best lip augmentation in Dubai.

Pre-Procedure Guidelines

After selecting the right doctor for your lip filler treatment, the next step is having a detailed consultation. During this session, you and your plastic surgeon will discuss why you need the procedure, and what you hope to achieve. You should also discuss the procedure, lip augmentation Dubai price, and everything that will be involved until your recovery period.

Right before the procedure, the plastic surgeon will check your medical history as well as what medications you are taking if any. He will also physically examine your lips, and take photos so that you can see the difference after the treatment.

Before the lip augmentation procedure or any other procedure, whether surgical or non-surgical, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle. If you are a smoker, you should stop at least six weeks before the surgery. If you are taking any blood-thinning medication like aspirin, you are advised to stop to avoid excess bleeding during the procedure. Alcohol consumption should also be halted as well as any herbal supplements.

The Lip Filler Procedure

Lip Fillers Dubai
Lip filler types Dubai

The procedure takes about one hour to get completed and is performed under Local Anesthesia.

It is performed on an Outpatient basis, and the candidate is allowed to go home afterward.

There are several distinct lip fillers techniques, and the use of specific technique depends upon the goal and the preference of the candidate. The techniques that can be used are as follows;

  • Dermal Fillers— In this non-surgical procedure, the fillers containing organic substances and solutions of hyaluronic acid are injected on the target lips. When injected, hyaluronic acid fillers support and cause lip tissues to enhance.
  • Collagen Fillers-— These injectable solutions are made up of collagen derived from human skin tissues or cow’s skin. Collagen is a natural compound found in our bodies which keeps our skin smooth and flexible.
  • Fat Injections—It is an invasive procedure which includes injection of fat that is extracted from your own body. Fat enriched areas are identified, and surplus fat deposits are extracted through liposuction. The withdrawn fat is purified in a special apparatus, and the obtained liquefied fat is injected into the lips.

Lip Fillers Recovery

Lip augmentation in Dubai requires about a week for a candidate to get fully recovered. Right after the procedure, you will experience over-filled and tightened lips, but this sensation will be temporary and will subside in a few days. You will have swelling on the lips, and it will subside in a couple of days. You might have slight bruising on the treated lips and will vanish within three to four days. Painkillers will be prescribed to cure pain and discomfort post-procedure. In case of a surgical procedure, the stitches are removed after five days.

Over the next 7 – 10 days, the patient will have follow-up appointments with the plastic surgeon to keep track of the healing process.

It is important to follow any guidelines or instructions given by the plastic surgeon for faster healing and to avoid complications or risks.

Post-Operation Guidelines

You should take all the medicines prescribed by your doctor. You should use ice packs and compresses to reduce swelling and discomfort. You should not speak and refrain from making any lip movements for about twenty-four hours after the procedure. Avoid scratching, rubbing, and pressing your lips for two to three days after the treatment. You should use all the topical medications (if) prescribed by your doctor. You should not perform strenuous activities that can exert pressure on your lips; this might increase the swelling on your lips. You will be able to resume all your social activities the day after the procedure.

Lip Filler Risks

Lip fIllers procedure also has certain risks associated with it. It is, therefore, important to discuss the risks with your plastic surgeon before the treatment. The possible risks include;

  • Swelling—you will have swelling on the lips after the procedure, and sometimes the swelling and redness persist for a long period of time. It might require another surgery or lip augmentation swelling treatment to deal with.
  • Skin Sensation Alteration-— you might have a complete or a bit numbness on the treated lips. It is temporary but can be permanent.
  • Unsatisfactory Results-— sometimes, results are not yielded as per candidate’s goals. It might require another surgery to achieve the desired results.
  • Bleeding— In case of a surgical procedure, excess bleeding is rare but possible, you might require a blood transfusion or an extra surgery to treat this particular issue.
  • Infection-— the bruises on the lips may get infected if you will not take care of your hygiene. Anti-biotic will be prescribed to get rid of the infection.
  • Anesthesia Risks-— use of anesthesia might cause a lot of issues like allergic reactions, chest infection, and blood clot formation in legs.
  • Allergies—although quite rare, but tiny bumps can be formed under the skin of lips. To treat them, topical ointments and anti-allergies will be provided.

Ideal Candidate for Lip Fillers

You might be an excellent candidate for lip enhancement procedure if;

  • You have extremely thin
  • Your lips have thin lines and creases.
  • You have asymmetrical
  • Your lips do not have a proper definition.
  • You do not smoke.
  • You are over 18.
  • You are physically healthy.


Individuals who go for lip augmentation surgery in Dubai experience immediate and incredibly natural looking results. The results of the procedure are temporary, varying from person to person.

Benefits of Lip Fillers

There are certain physical and psychological benefits of lip enhancement in Dubai which include;

  • It gives sufficient volume to your lips.
  • It enhances your facial appearance aesthetically.
  • It also achieves lip symmetry.
  • It makes your smile attractive.
  • It boosts your self-esteem.
  • It grows your cultural and self-acceptance.

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