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Dental Veneers & Lumineers

Dental Veneer is a stain-resistant thick layer of a cosmetic material which is placed over a tooth, to hide dental flaws and improve dental aesthetics in a slightly invasive way. Whereas, lumineers are also cosmetic materials which perform the same function as veneers do, but they differ in the procedure and nature, i.e., it is a non-invasive procedure. Dental veneers and lumineers Dubai is for people who are unhappy with their colored, crooked, or bad teeth.

Dental veneers and lumineers Dubai

The Need for Dental Veneers and Lumineers

One can have colored or bad teeth because of the following reasons;

  • Genetics
  • Certain medication
  • Excessive fluoride
  • Aging
  • Smoking
  • Dental damage
  • Colorful foods
  • Poor oral hygiene

Poor appearance of teeth not only distorts your whole personality physically but also leads you to have low selfesteem and less social acceptance. The major goal of dental veneers and lumineers is to reshape and reposition the teeth. These materials make your smile more attractive and improve teeth appearance aesthetically.

How to Choose the Right Dental Veneers & Lumineers Dentist In Dubai

For undergoing lumineers and veneer procedure, choosing the right cosmetic dentist is very important. The dentist should be an expert in veneers placing procedures, and he should be a board-certified doctor as well. Other characteristics of a good cosmetic dentist include;

  • He should be able to show you photos of previous veneer and lumineers treatments.
  • He should have good reviews from previous patients.
  • He should have a keen artistic eye.
  • His focus should be on the safety and care of the patient.
  • He should have a good aesthetic sense.

Note that veneers and lumineers procedure is performed by a professional cosmetic dentist and not by any medical aestheticians.

Pre-Procedure Guidelines

After selecting the right veneers and lumineers dentist for your veneer and lumineers treatment, the next step is having a detailed consultation. During this session, you and your dentist will discuss why you need the procedure and what you hope to achieve. You will also discuss your expectations, the whole process of the procedure, including the veneers and lumineers cost in Dubai, and everything that will be involved until your recovery period.

Right before the procedure, the cosmetic dentist is going to check your medical history as well as if you are or have had been taking any medications. He will also physically examine your teeth in detail and take photos so that you can see the difference after the procedure.

Before undergoing the veneer and lumineers treatment in Dubai, you should have a healthy lifestyle. You should follow a proper diet plan and exercise regularly. You should take the recommended medications properly. You should stop smoking a week before the procedure. You should discontinue alcohol consumption and also avoid taking drugs that include aspirin. Use of Anti-inflammatory drugs should also be halted. You should not drink or eat anything a few hours before the procedure.

The Procedure

Dental Veneers—- No anesthesia is required for the veneer placement and is performed in an Outpatient setting. The dental veneer treatment in Dubai lasts for an hour or two and is invasive. During the procedure, your dentist trims about half of the millimeter of your tooth enamel to get prepared for the veneers. Afterward, your 3-D teeth impression is taken, which helps in preparing the veneers of your teeth size. The veneers preparation takes place about one to two weeks. After the veneers get ready, the dentist ensures the appropriate size and color according to your preference. Then, the teeth are prepared by cleaning them thoroughly and then roughening the tooth surface. The veneers are attached to the tooth with a cosmetic cement or a glue, and then UV rays are used to harden them quickly. Follow-up appointments will be required to keep the progress in a track.

Dental Lumineers—- No anesthesia is required for the lumineers treatment and lasts for a few hours. It is performed on an Outpatient basis and is a non-invasive procedure. During the procedure, your cosmetic dentist is going to take your impression and will be used for the lumineers preparation. In comparison to veneers, lumineers are thin material which is used for slight imperfections. However, the teeth color, according to your preference, is selected. The preparation of porcelain veneers and lumineers require a few days, and afterward, they are placed on your teeth with a cosmetic glue.

The Recovery

The candidate does not require any hard and fast rules to get recovered. You can perform all your routine activities right after the procedure. Dental lumineers Dubai is a noninvasive procedure and does not require any downtime. Whereas, after getting veneers, you will have pain in your teeth due to drilling and other shots. You will have discomfort around your gums, which will last for three to four weeks. You can experience swelling and slight bruising around your teeth, which is more likely to settle down in a few weeks. Tooth sensitivity increases and remains there for at least three months after the procedure.

Over the next couple of months, you will have follow-up appointments with the cosmetic dentist to keep track of the healing process.

It is important to follow any guidelines or instructions given by the plastic surgeon for faster healing and to avoid complications or risks.

Post-Procedure Guidelines

You should take all the medicines prescribed by your doctor regularly. You can use icepacks to reduce swelling if you have any. You will be recommended a few antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection. You will be prescribed a desensitizing toothpaste, which you will be used for six to seven months. A special mouthwash will also be recommended, and you will be using it for a couple of months. You will be guided to have soft food in the initial weeks owing to the discomfort and pain around your teeth. You should not expose your veneers to excessive force, for example, you will be guided not to grind your teeth and not to use your teeth to rip, crush or open the items as they can affect the performance of the teeth.

Risks & Complications

Fewer risks are associated with dental veneers and lumineers treatments. It is very important to discuss these risk factors with the cosmetic dentist before the procedure. However, the risks include;

  • Prolonged Swelling
  • Discomfort
  • Chronic Sensitivity
  • Dental Damage
  • Poor Veneer Fitting
  • Veneer Replacement

Ideal Candidate for Veneers and Lumineers

You can be an ideal candidate for the veneer and lumineers placement if;

  • You have colored
  • You have permanent stains on your teeth.
  • You want a longterm bright smile.
  • You have slight chips or cracks on teeth.
  • You have slightly misshaped
  • You have good oral health.
  • You do not have severely crooked teeth.
  • You are over 18.


Instant results are witnessed by the candidates after the procedures. The results are permanent if follow-up appointments are followed properly.

Benefits of Lumineers and Veneers

Various diverse benefits are enjoyed by the candidates who get veneers and lumineers in Dubai. These include;

  • You get a perfect white
  • Your all dental imperfections get hidden.
  • It improves your dental hygiene.
  • Your overall appearance is upgraded aesthetically.
  • It boosts your selfesteem.
  • It increases your cultural acceptance.

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