Nose Thread Lift

A Nose thread lift is a nonsurgical alternative to a surgical rhinoplasty. For a long time, nose surgery or rhinoplasty has been the go-to solution for nose reshaping and contouring. Although the surgical rhinoplasty is an effective and permanent solution for various nose issues, it has locked out plenty of individuals who are not ready or are not comfortable with the idea of going under the knife.

Because of this, the demand for nonsurgical nose augmentation treatments has been going up in the recent times. And Nose Thread Lift is one of the most effective nonsurgical nose reshaping treatments.

The nose thread lift treatment involves using threads that are made up of polydioxanone (PDO) and are 100% bio-absorbable by the human body. After dissolving, these PDO threads induce the body to create new collagen and tissue fibroblasts, resulting in a perkier and sharper nose.


nose thread lift

The nose thread lift can improve the appearance of the nose by correcting the following issues:

  • Dorsal hump
  • Long nose
  • Tension tip
  • Over protected tip
  • Bulbous tip
  • Under projected tip

The procedure can treat the above issues by:

  • Effectively improving the proportions of the nose
  • Augmenting the nose tip or/and bridge for a more defined shape
  • Defining a sharper and higher nose bridge
  • Contouring the overall base of the nose

How the Nose Thread Lift Works

The nose thread lift enhances and lifts the nose tip and nose bridge using 2 synergistic mechanisms:

  • Mechanical lift: This involves using a small needle to create an entry point for the PDO threads. The Plastic Surgeon inserts them into the nose tip or bridge through a blunt cannula in order to create a mechanical lifting effect. This technique results in a more defined nose as it provides additional structure support leading to more definition and height.
  • Biochemical lift: The PDO threads that are used in this rhinoplasty technique are 100% bio-compatible with the human body. They usually dissolve in about 6-8 months following the procedure, and by doing this they induce the body’s own natural collagen production in the path where the thread fibres passed. This results in gradual improvement of the contour and shape of the nose. The biochemical lift prolongs the effects of the nose thread lift and individuals can expect to have a visible nose lift which can last for up to 24 months.

The nose thread lift procedure usually takes an average of 30 minutes based on the complexities, has a minimal downtime and only one treatment session is needed for effective results.

What to Expect After the Procedure?

Following a nose thread lift procedure, there is usually some swelling, bruising and discomfort but these subside in less than a week. There is minimal to no downtime involved and individuals can resume normal activities immediately following the procedure. To maintain and prolong the results, touch-up sessions may be needed after the 24 months.

The nose thread lift is considered one of the safest alternatives compared to other nose enhancements procedures. This is because PDO threads are also used for surgical stitching, they have a safety record of more than 30 years, and have lesser risks of medical complications.

NOTE: All results vary from one patient to the next

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