Zoom Teeth Whitening & Bleaching

Zoom teeth whitening & bleaching is a cosmetic dental bleaching treatment which aims at quickly brightening the teeth from the effects of discoloration. The people who are unhappy and embarrassed about their bad teeth appearance opt for zoom teeth whitening and bleaching in Dubai.

The Need for Zoom Teeth Whitening & Bleaching

One can have stained teeth because of the following reasons;

  • Genetics
  • Certain medication
  • Excessive fluoride
  • Ageing
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Dental damage
  • Colorful foods
  • Poor oral hygiene

A good and an attractive smile is the best artifact, a person can wear. However, having stained and colored teeth not only distort your smile but also lead you to have shattered selfesteem coupled with less cultural acceptance. The goal of zoom teeth whitening and bleaching is to improve your smile aesthetically by removing intrinsic and extrinsic stains from your teeth.

How to Choose the Right Dentist for Zoom Teeth Whitening & Bleaching

Having a successful zoom teeth whitening & bleaching depends on choosing the right cosmetic dentist who is an expert in cosmetic teeth whitening procedures. A good cosmetic dentist should be a board-certified doctor as well. Other characteristics of a good cosmetic dentist include;

  • He should be able to show you photos of previous zoom teeth bleaching procedures.
  • He should have good reviews from previous patients.
  • He should have a keen artistic eye.
  • His focus should be on the safety and care of the patient.
  • He should have a good aesthetic sense.

Note that zoom teeth whitening and bleaching is performed by a professional cosmetic dentist and not by any medical aestheticians.

Pre-Procedure Guidelines

After selecting the right dentist for your zoom teeth whitening & bleaching procedure, the next step is having a detailed consultation. During this session, you and your dentist will discuss why you need the procedure, and what you hope to achieve. You will also discuss your expectations and the whole process of the procedure including the cost and everything that will be involved until your recovery period.

Right before the procedure, the cosmetic dentist is going to check your medical history as well as if you are or have had been taking any medications. He will also physically examine your teeth in detail, and take photos so that you can see the difference after the procedure.

Before the zoom teeth whitening & bleaching, or any other procedure whether surgical or non-surgical you should have a healthy lifestyle. You should follow a proper diet plan and exercise regularly. You should take the recommended medications properly. You should stop smoking a week prior to the procedure. You should discontinue alcohol consumption and also avoid taking drugs that include aspirin. Use of Anti-inflammatory drugs should also be halted. You should not drink or eat anything a few hours before the procedure.

The Procedure

The procedure does not involve the use of any kind of anesthesia.

It lasts for fifty minutes. It is performed in an Outpatient setting in a dentist’s clinic and no overnight stay is required by the candidate.

The procedure is intense than the traditional teeth whitening. During the procedure, your cosmetic dentist is, first of all, going to clean your teeth in order to remove all the residue from them. Afterward, your lips and gums will be covered with a protective material; only your teeth will be exposed. Afterward, zoom hydrogen peroxide will be applied on your teeth which gets activated with a special UV light produced by a zoom lamp. Through the light, the zoom gel penetrates through the internal layers of teeth and remove the stains and discoloration effectively.

This process takes up to 15 minutes and is repeated three times. When it gets completed, a sensitivity-reducing fluoride paste or gel is applied to your teeth.


Less recovery time is required by the candidates to get fully recovered. Although your gums are covered, still you can have bruising and swelling on it due to the UV zoom radiation, and it gets settled with the help of a few medicines and remedies. You can experience bit pain and discomfort in your teeth and gums, which will subside in a few days. Your teeth will become a bit sensitive after the procedure.

Over the next 7 – 10 days, you will have follow-up appointments with the cosmetic dentist to keep track of the healing process.

It is important to follow any guidelines or instructions given by the plastic surgeon for faster healing and to avoid complications or risks.

Post-Procedure Guidelines

You should follow all the medicines prescribed by your doctor regularly. You should use ice packs and compresses in order to reduce swelling. Your dentist will also recommend you topical medicines to be applied to your gums, in order to get rid of bruises. Antibiotics will be given to reduce the risk of infection. You will have difficulty in eating and drinking owing to the increased sensitivity and hence will be prescribed a diet list that will be following. You will be guided to stop smoking and alcohol consumption, as they can restore the discoloration. You will be guided to avoid colored food like tea, coffee, chocolate, etc., since they can affect the results greatly. You will be prescribed a mouthwash, that you will be using twice or thrice a day in order to maintain your oral health. A specialize toothpaste will be recommended which will help in regulating the sensitivity of your teeth.

Risks & Complications

Fewer risks are associated with the zoom teeth whitening and bleaching, and it is very necessary to discuss them with your cosmetic dentist before the procedure. However, the risks include;

  • Bleeding
  • Prolonged Swelling
  • Discomfort
  • Prolonged Sensitivity
  • Damage to Internal Structures
  • Gingival Irritation

Ideal Candidate for Zoom Teeth Whitening & Bleaching

You can be an ideal candidate for the procedure if;

  • Your teeth are unhealthy.
  • You have healthy and hygienic gums.
  • You have not undergone any sort of teeth restoration treatment before.
  • Your teeth have a yellow
  • You have not gone through any sort of teeth filling.
  • You are not pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • You are over 18.
  • You do not smoke.
  • You are physically


Immediate and incredible results are witnessed by the candidates who opt for zoom teeth whitening and bleaching in Dubai. The results last for four or more months and efficacy could be enhanced by maintaining your diet and oral hygiene.

Benefits of the Zoom Teeth Whitening & Bleaching

The procedure produces various psychological and aesthetic benefits. These benefits include;

  • It brightens up your smile.
  • It removes stains and discoloration of the teeth.
  • It is a minimally invasive
  • It cleanses your gum appearance.
  • It is a safe procedure and does not cause any harm to your teeth.
  • It enhances your overall personality aesthetically.
  • It boosts your self-esteem.
  • It gives a positive disposition to your life.

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