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Thread Lift Treatment

A thread lift treatment is a non-surgical procedure which uses specialized surgical threads to lift sagging skin, give a tighter and more youthful appearance to your face. People who are unsatisfied because of the undesirable aging signs on their face can go for a facial thread lift in Dubai.

The Need for a Luxe Thread Lift

One might have sagging facial skin due to the following reasons;

  • Aging
  • Physical trauma on the face
  • Drastic weight loss
  • Genetics
  • Over-exposure to sun rays

Droopy facial skin gives a very bad impression of your overall personality, and it also may cause you to have low self-esteem and confidence. However, the major goal of the thread lift treatment is to rejuvenate your facial appearance by lifting the sagging skin.

How to Choose the Right Thread Lift Surgeon In Dubai

Having a successful thread lift procedure depends on choosing the right surgeon, who is an expert in facial contouring procedures. A good plastic surgeon should not only be experienced but should be board-certified as well. Other characteristics of a good plastic surgeon include:

  • He should be able to show you photos of previous thread lift treatment
  • He should have good reviews from previous patients.
  • He should have a keen artistic eye.
  • His focus should be on the safety and care of the patient.
  • He should have an appreciation of a natural aesthetically appealing facial structure.

Note the thread lift procedure is performed by the plastic surgeons and not by medical aestheticians.

Pre-Procedure Guidelines

After selecting the right surgeon for your thread lift procedure, the next step is having a detailed consultation. During this session, you and your plastic surgeon will discuss why you need the surgery, and what you hope to achieve. You will also discuss the process of the procedure, thread lift cost in Dubai and everything that will be involved until your recovery period.

Right before the procedure, the plastic surgeon will check your medical history as well as what medications you are taking if any. He will also physically examine the targeted area, and take photos so that you can see the difference after the surgery.

Before the thread lift treatment procedure or any other procedure, whether surgical or non-surgical, it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you are a smoker, you should stop before the procedure. If you are taking any blood-thinning medication like aspirin, you are advised to stop to avoid excessive bleeding during the procedure. Alcohol consumption should also be halted as well as any herbal supplements.

The Procedure

Thread lift treatment is performed using a Local Anesthesia, and it lasts for thirty to forty minutes.

It is performed in an Outpatient setting, and the candidate is allowed to go home afterward. There are different types of thread lift procedures like miracu thread lift treatment, thread facelift in Dubai, and gold thread lift in Dubai.

During the procedure, no incisions are made by your plastic surgeon. A suture is inserted into the target facial skin by your surgeon, using a fine needle. Sutures are placed with the absorbable unidirectional cones, and these cones are placed in the opposite direction to the sutures. After applying the sutures, to improve the shape of the skin, the skin tissues are compressed. Once the skin is lifted and reshaped, the other ends of the sutures coming out of the skin are cut off.

Alternative Treatment

One can opt for other facial rejuvenation procedures as an alternative to this non-surgical procedure which are discussed as follows;

  • Traditional facelift surgery; which aims at proper contouring of the face except treating the wrinkles.
  • Laser Resurfacing can be used for fixing the sagging facial skin.
  • Facial fat grafting can be opted for improving facial appearance aesthetically.
  • brow lift can be used to improve the appearance of sagging eyebrows.
  • Liquid facelift uses dermal fillers to improve the facial appearance.
  • vampire facelift uses the combination of the injectable fillers and your blood to rejuvenate your face.

The Recovery

minimal time period is required for the candidate to get fully recovered. You might have some swelling around the treated area after the procedure, but it will subside in twenty-four hours. You can feel bit irregularity and can have slight bruising in the skin which will vanish within two to three days. Owing to the simplicity of the procedure, you might return to your social life right after the procedure, but it highly depends upon the candidate’s condition. You will have pain and discomfort in the treated skin, and for this purpose, pain killers will be prescribed to you.

You should have follow-up appointments with your doctor to keep your healing process in the track.

You should follow all the instructions given by your surgeon to keep yourself healthy

Post-Procedure Guidelines

You should take all the medicines prescribed by your doctor. You should use ice packs and compresses to reduce swelling and discomfort. You should apply antibiotic cream recommended by your doctor on the treated areas. You will be guided to keep your head elevated with an extra pillow to speed up the healing process. You should not move your face and head much and keep it in a fixed position. You should avoid all the strenuous activities, which can increase the blood flow in your face. You should not rub your facial skin and should not massage your face and neck for two weeks. You should not expose your treated areas to sun rays for a week apply a good sunscreen during the day time, even when indoors. You will be able to start your routine activities after your treatment.

Risks & Complications

Thread lift procedure has very fewer risks associated with it. However, it is very important to discuss all the thread lift risks before the procedure. The possible risks and complications of the thread lift treatment include;

  • Facial Asymmetry – Sometimes, lumps and unevenness appear, if the facial skin is not tightened on equal proportions. In this case, you might require another treatment.
  • Infection-— The wounds may get infected if you will not take care of your hygiene. Anti-biotic will be prescribed to get rid of the infection.
  • Bruising & Swelling – Bruises and swelling are inevitable to get after the surgery, but they are temporary and can be cured easily.

Ideal Candidate of Thread Lift Procedure

You might be an ideal candidate for a thread lift procedure if;

  • You have loose and sagging facial skin.
  • You have crow’s feet and frown lines.
  • You have a double chin.
  • You are over 18.
  • You do not


The natural-looking results are witnessed after two days of undergoing thread lift in Dubai. As a result, the face gets a well-contoured condition, which will last for several years.

Benefits of Thread Lift Procedure

Thread lift procedure has various benefits which include;

  • It is a minimally invasive
  • It causes minimal scarring.
  • It lifts the facial skin.
  • It removes lines and wrinkles from the face.
  • It gives your face a well-contoured
  • It boosts your self-esteem.

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